BEN WADE Two Tone 188

BEN WADE Two Tone 188

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England, 1960s

It’s great to be an Englishman! You can stamp your name on a pipe and all “James”, “John” or “Ben” briars will be recognized, appreciated and loved by pipe smokers. 🙂

Unlike to James Upshall (who was a fake person) or Mr. Stenwell (who wasn’t a person at all) Benjamine Wade was a real man. He founded own pipe company in 1860 and since that time there were lots of changes and trends: from an independent pipe maker to the Charatan’s seconds and then – a trade cover of Preben Holm.

This company is still alive and respected and we have a great opportunity to offer you the Charatan times pipe. It’s very lightly smoked, lightweight and refined.

The markings are “Ben Wade \ TWO TONE \ LONDON ENGLAND” and “188”. The pipe is 13.5 cm long and weights 37 gr. The bowl’shight is 4.6 cm, external diameter is 3.8 cm, inner – 2.1 cm, inner depth – 3.6 cm. Briar, vulcanite stem, no filter.

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