BARTOLI De Luxe 10

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Italy A family brand pipe from Toscana, Italy. The company was found by Pietro Bartoli in 1950 and is currently managed by Mauro Bartoli (Pietro’s son) and his daughters. Every pipe is made of Mediterrean briar (Corsica, Calabria, Tuscany and … Continued


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England The company formed in the USA in 1886 as “Art Metal Company” and has been successfully producing and supplying art metal works, first of all – very good quality Hood Ornaments. In 1913 Louis Aronson, one of the cofounders, … Continued

VAUEN 304 150th Anniversary

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Germany, 1998 A pipe of the very special limited edition dedicated to the VAUEN 150 anniversary (1998). Every respectable manufacturer strives to show in pipes of the year and jubilee pipes the very best examples of the design and craftmanship … Continued


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Italy An interpretation of the vest poket pipe idea from the great Italian brand. Many manufacturers in England, Italy, USA and other countries offered such pocket pipes, but Brebbia Rolex looks really luxury and imposing among them.


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Italy Savinelly is well known as the very creative manufacturer: the number of brands, subbrands and second lines comes to one hundred. Nevertheless this attractive refined finish is easily recognizable: yes, it’s the Roma lovat pipe, the pipe dedicated to … Continued