GBD Prodigy Straight Grain

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England, 1960-70s A very high grade GBD pipe marked both “Prodigy” and “Straight grain” made approximately between the late 1960s and late 1970s most probably by Horry Jamieson (ex Barling carver), who was experienced in freehand design and created many … Continued

DUNHILL Dress 4114

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England, 2004 Dunhill Dress pipes are relatively young; the series was introduced in 1973 and is distinguished by dark (in the most cases black) smooth finish. Despite the dark stain is hiding natural briar grain the “Dress” pipes look luxurious … Continued

DUNHILL Cumberland 3103

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England, 2003 The “Cumberland” series is relatively young in comparison to other lines – it was introduced in 1979 and named in honor of Cumberland Street – the street where production and warehouse capacities of the company existed comfortably for … Continued

DUNHILL Bruyere bamboo

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England, 1998 The idea of using bamboo came from the WWII times when supply of briar to the United kingdom faced a really dramatical shortage and the English manufacturers looked for any possibility to use different materials if not for … Continued

SAVINELLI 120 anni

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Italy, 1996 A truly Italian example of how to celebrate the birthday: the unique luxury “120 anni” (120 anniversary) Savinelli jubilee pipe made in 1996. Yes, the Savinelli artisans really did show their very best skills when created and carved … Continued


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France Zino Davidoff (1906-1994), one of the most famous tobacco businessmen and revolutionary (even iconic) people of the XX century’s culture said “the pipe is a valuable companion, the essence of tranquility and must be smoked with respect”. Of course, … Continued

ORLIK Hurricane 21479

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England, 1980-90s The patent 2135179 ( for a “hurricane type” pipe with the integrated wind cap was issued to Frederick Hudes in 1938 in the USA. So it’s the most probably an American invention. But contrary to others numerous novelties … Continued

GBD Popular 397

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England, 1950s The history of the English pipe making, condition of the pipe and the sort of briar hint this pipe was made before the 1960s: the deep distinct sandblasted surface reminds Dunhill Tanshell and Shell pipes made within the … Continued

VAUEN 7008

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Germany One of the most successful models among the extremely rich variety of the VAUEN products: an elegant, lightweight and comfortable slightly bent pipe with the very practical meerschaum lining and traditional German 9 mm filter.

VAUEN pipoo 8

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Germany There’s another example of the limitless creativity shown by VAUEN, the leading German briar manufacturer. The VAUEN pipoo series was invented to attract more young and active people who prefer quick and easy occasional smoke. The best it’s smoked … Continued