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CHARATAN’S MAKE Selected unsmoked

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England, 1960s An unsmoked very high grade Charatan’s pipe from the “Second Lane era” (1965-76), the period of the brightest blossoming of this brand, delightful shapes and grains which eclipsed all others pipe... READ MORE


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England, 1910 An extraordinary piece of the English pipe making history. Masta patent is mostly known as the company aquired by Dunhill in 1946 and incorporated to Parker-Hardcastle in 1967. As states pipedia,... READ MORE

VAUEN 304 150th Anniversary

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Germany, 1998 A pipe of the very special limited edition dedicated to the VAUEN 150 anniversary (1998). Every respectable manufacturer strives to show in pipes of the year and jubilee pipes the very... READ MORE


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Italy An interpretation of the vest poket pipe idea from the great Italian brand. Many manufacturers in England, Italy, USA and other countries offered such pocket pipes, but Brebbia Rolex looks really luxury... READ MORE

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